17:17:04 EDT Sun 20 Oct 2019
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T:TD - TORONTO-DOMINION BANK (THE) - http://www.td.com/17:17:04 EDT
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
TD - T  3.374.05 ·,699.8274,10421,39174.64  74.64  73.9877.96  65.5616:26:5507:0015 min RT 2¢
TSX - T3.374.05 ·,318.4171,83210,50374.64  74.64  73.9877.96  65.5616:26:5515 min
Alpha - A 74.09+0.110.1188.213,9351,17474.13  74.37  73.9915:59:5715 min
Chi-X - X 74.08+0.100.1628.146,4965,34974.02  74.37  73.9915:59:5815 min
CX2 - H 74.08+0.100.1117.88,7171,24874.06  74.36  74.0015:59:5615 min
Pure - P 74.08+,48767374.02  74.36  74.0015:59:5615 min
Omega - O 74.09+,77358674.22  74.36  74.0015:59:5715 min
TriAct - M 73.98113.78,4281,029    15:59:2015 min
Lynx - Y 74.06+  74.32  74.0115:59:1315 min
NEO ATS - U 74.09+0.110.1191.214,16379274.06  74.36  74.0015:59:5815 min

Recent Trades - Last 10 of 21391
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
16:26:55T74.100.122,2009 BMO Nesbitt9 BMO NesbittKX
16:03:16U74.100.1260,12833 Canaccord33 CanaccordZ
16:00:00T74.100.126980 National Bank14 ITGQ
16:00:00T74.100.126480 National Bank53 Morgan StanleyQ
16:00:00T74.100.126580 National Bank53 Morgan StanleyQ
16:00:00T74.100.126080 National Bank53 Morgan StanleyQ
16:00:00T74.100.122780 National Bank53 Morgan StanleyQ
16:00:00T74.100.123980 National Bank65 GoldmanQ
16:00:00T74.100.127280 National Bank65 GoldmanQ
16:00:00T74.100.129380 National Bank7 TD SecQ

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Recent BulletinsNews ReleasesIn The NewsOther
Date ETSymbolPriceTypeHeadline
2019-10-16 18:29C:TD74.35News ReleaseTD's Series 1 holders not to convert shares
2019-10-15 07:20C:TD73.76In the NewsGlobe says CIBC, rivals see BOC rate cut odds diminish
2019-10-11 08:52C:TD73.03In the NewsGlobe says National Bank alone lowering Canadian fees
2019-10-10 07:04C:TD72.86In the NewsGlobe says TD Bank in a bind over broker commissions
2019-10-09 10:59C:TD73.16Street WireTD seeks contempt order, jail time for Serenas
2019-10-09 08:59C:TD73.16In the NewsPost says BMO, TD analysts weigh in on housing surge
2019-10-09 08:39C:TD73.16In the NewsGlobe says ETF hunters might check TD's e-series
2019-10-09 07:49C:TD73.16In the NewsGlobe/wire say CIBC, rivals hear Fed open to rate cuts
2019-10-08 17:03C:TD73.16News ReleaseTD Asset Management cancels two portfolio mergers
2019-10-08 09:24C:TD73.66In the NewsFP/wire say RBC, rivals hear global growth view dimming
2019-10-07 08:06C:TD73.66In the NewsGlobe/wire say CIBC, rivals hear loonie strengthening
2019-10-03 09:03C:TD73.44In the NewsGlobe says TD takes hit on move to zero commissions
2019-10-03 07:37C:TD73.27News ReleaseToronto-Dominion to act as USX market-maker
2019-10-02 09:37C:TD75.25In the NewsPost says TD makes fund's focus exclusively China
2019-10-02 09:00C:TD75.25In the NewsGlobe says TD sideswiped by Schwab's zero-pricing move